Hi, we the Brother’s O’Brien, Gavin & Aidan

We are thrilled to have you stop by our store, and we look forward to making your travel more fun and enjoyable through the select products we offer. Since we were kids, our parents insisted on taking us all over the world. We have been to Europe, South America, Iceland, and dozens of countries. While we always love the destination of where we are going, the journey itself can often be let’s just say less than enjoyable. As an example, when you walk through any airport, you will see people trying to wheel their carry on, hold their phone, and balance the fresh cup of coffee. That is why we decided one of our first products would be the Cup Holder that fits over any piece of luggage. When you board the plane, how do the kids hold their tablet or phone to watch a movie? The Universal Phone Holder is the perfect travel companion to let you watch your favorite shows from your seat, and keep your hands free to enjoy a snack. When you get to your destination, you can even use your phone holder as a selfie stick.

We have started EZTravels while in college, but we hope to expand the business once we graduate. We take great pride in all of the products we offer, and we never sell anything we don’t use ourselves. Please feel free to browse around, and purchase with confidence. All of our products are shipped by us here in the U.S. and we look forward to making your travels more safe and enjoyable.

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